How To Start Your Minimalist Lifestyle

If you have ever heard about a minimalist lifestyle, you have surely heard about all the good to come with living it. Less stress, fewer distractions and a general state of well-being is said to come hand in hand with minimalism.

This can be the case for some, but minimalism isn't for everybody. When starting your journey into minimalism, it’s important to start slowly. Suddenly turning your life on its head is going to cause more stress than it will relieve. Remember, every bit adds up, keep working towards your goal, and you will get there before you know it.

Out Of Sight

One of the biggest points of minimalism is deciding what is junk and getting rid of it. While some people take it to the extent of breaking emotional and sentimental ties with objects, you won't be starting at that point any time soon.

When most people talk about minimalism they shoot for a “use it or lose it” mindset, this can be a bit harsh for a starting point. Instead, try collecting the items you aren't currently using and set them aside from your direct living area for 30 days. If you have not needed or looked for the item in 30 days, it's time to consider getting rid of it. This can be overwhelming but does not need to be done in a short time frame. Try to take 30 minutes to an hour every day to set aside items you don't see yourself using in the immediate future.

Excess Things

The first step of getting rid of things that you don't use is a massive step, but not the final one to take. Now it's time to move over to the things you may potentially use, but don't need to use. The kitchen is one of the biggest offenders here. Yes, you may use cups, but do you use all of your cups? Do you use all of your knives? There is a lot of clutter around in items you do use but don't realize. Minimizing this nature of clutter will be one of the biggest steps, as this is where you decide what you actually need in your life.


Another important aspect of minimalism is organization. Creating a clutter-free environment will be one of the biggest steps to allowing you to actually feel like the minimalism is working for you. Decluttering and arranging your world around you will help declutter and arrange your mind. All of this effort, at the end of the day, is not just to live with less, but to feel as good as though you’d hit the online Bingo real money jackpot while doing it.

Not Just Things

Once we have organized the surrounding things, the next big step is to organize the things in our life. This is a personal topic which will take a different shape for each person, there are a few things every person should do.

Lose the debt - This can be a big one for some, but it is an important step to finding ease of mind. If you have many sources of debt, try to deal with the smaller ones first. Each item off your list will be another thing you don't worry about going forward.

Lose toxicity - Have one of those friends who are toxic, and you aren't sure why you hang out with? It's time to ask the difficult questions to see who you actually need to keep in your life. The goal, after all, is a simpler lifestyle.

Save money - While it is always a good idea to save money, regardless of the situation. Here, saving money can act as a mental reward in itself. Saving money every month, no matter the amount, is a great way to build a good habit and learn to love it.

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