Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Age of 50

It is always a bit of an eye-rolling cliché when people use the term “golden years” to describe the post-middle age years. It’s as if they are trying to put a sheen on something that is essentially unattractive. However, it is simply true that these years bring with them a lot of joy and unique experiences that genuinely bring happiness to many. It is not even uncommon to hear people describing these years as the best years of their lives. Finances, relationships, and one’s home are usually settled by this point, and things tend to calm down where before they had been stressful. But of course, health will always be more of a concern for those at this age than the young. This is a fact of life that will probably never change.

Nevertheless, long gone are the days when these years were perilous for one’s health. Today, advanced medical care, better diet, and greater knowledge of healthy living among ordinary people has meant that it is really no exaggeration to say that many men over the age of fifty appear and act just as healthy as many younger men. There is no doubt that it perhaps takes a little more effort to pull this off, but it is certainly possible – and many people do so.

One of the reasons why healthy older men is a common phenomenon today is that a vast body of lifestyle and health tips have been built up over the years that advise older men on how to live a healthy life. Naturally, these fall into the expected areas – diet, exercise, lifestyle, and healthcare – but the body of information available to ordinary people on how to live healthily has never been more thorough and well-disseminated. A great deal then comes down to personal responsibility – we don’t really have an excuse not to know how to stay healthy. Of course, exceptional circumstances such as illness can adversely affect older people more than the young, but even here there are lifestyle changes which can be made to cope with that as best you can.

Health Concerns for Men Over Fifty

However, coping with illness is just one element of healthy living over fifty. You should also learn how to prevent it in the first place. This means getting a good knowledge of what type of health problems are common for over-fifties and how to take measures to prevent them developing in the first place. Your risk of specific illnesses certainly increases as you get older, although there are a few that disproportionately effect young people instead. To take but a couple of examples, most cancers are more common in those over fifty, and heart problems of all types certainly disproportionately affect older people. This is no cause to panic, but it is important to recognise what the risks are. This way you can significantly decrease your chances of developing any of these conditions.

Tips for Healthy Living Over 50

As mentioned, most health advice for those over fifty can be divided into lifestyle advice, diet, dealing with health problems, and exercise regimes. But to cover each of these categories exhaustively, or even to give a decent sample of everything an older man should be doing, would take up a great deal more space than is available here. Instead, it is better to cover the most important areas of healthy living for men over fifty. Here then follows some general tips which will, in themselves, suggest a range of things to look out for. If you are confused about how to create a holistic healthy living plan, this is the best place to start.

Keep Up with the Basics

First off, it is important to note that healthy living does not suddenly take a dramatic shift to a range of new practices and concerns when you hit your fiftieth birthday. Instead, good healthy living habits that apply to all should be maintained as you age. Many of these might become more of an issue when you get older, but that is even more reason to simply keep consistent.

Accordingly, look after your eyes, ears, teeth, and skin. Be sure to have regular doctor’s check-ups to ensure everything here is in working order. These are all things that are important for young people too, but which become more important later on. Skin, for example, tends to thin as you get older, and so you will be more prone to bruising as a result. Gum lines can recede and, of course, your hearing and sight could begin to deteriorate. There are a vast range of treatments available should any of these problems arise, but the best practice is simply to look after these parts of your body as you always have done. Good health habits should last a lifetime.

Look After Your Heart

To get on to heath issues more specific to older people, it is naturally very important that you look after your heart as you age. This doesn’t mean that you should suddenly worry for no reason and go on the hunt for hospital-ready defibrillators for sale at a reasonable price, but it does mean that you should eat a diet that avoids foods which can lead to heart issues while you should also exercise regularly. If you are a smoker, you should also seriously consider giving it up as you get older as the heart risks associated with smoking are well-documented.

Exercise Properly

Exercising properly means different things to different people. Regardless of your age though, your exercise regime will naturally depend upon your general level of fitness. It is not an uncommon phenomenon to find older men just as fit as an average man in his twenties. If you are one those, it is unlikely you will need any advice here. However, generally speaking, older people tolerate physical exertion less well, but that does not mean for a second that you shouldn’t exercise. You just need to work out how.

Just like any age group, it is important to balance aerobic and strength exercise, as this will both keep your muscles strong and benefit your cardiovascular system. And in order to tailor this to your own level of fitness, you can get this exercise in the form of fun physical activities such as cycling, swimming, or even just walking. All these are activities that can be done at your own pace and level of exertion. After taking them up, it is simply a matter of doing what you can, for example cycling or swimming as fast or for as far as you can manage. You are not training for the Olympics, so always prioritise the enjoyment of the activity.

In conclusion, there is much more about living healthily over the age of fifty that you should certainly seek out for yourself. What this is will largely depend on your own health situation. But following the above advice is a great place to start.

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