Brand Spotlight: Designer Wood Watches from JORD

   Anybody who has followed my blog (or social media) for any length of time will know that I'm the unusual cocktail of politically liberal and sartorially conservative. God damn right I support the strikes currently gripping our country, and I will back each of these industrial actions whilst dressed in pin-stripe trousers and Goorin Bros fedoras.

   Across multiple posts on this site I've made it clear that I yearn for a return to the clothing aesthetics of yesteryear - spotting customers wearing jogging pants in restaurants infuriates me and even jeans make me a little uncomfortable. (They're work clothes for goodness sake!)

   It's no surprise, then, for me to announce that I'm something of a traditionalist when it comes to time-keeping. Whilst mobile devices allow us to take a peek at a clock-face regardless of where we are, the aesthete and the horologist in me (not to mention my covert Luddite) is somewhat appalled by this situation. We're allowing our style standards to slip - there should be no excuse!

   Thankfully, then, I was recently alerted to JORD Wood Watches - a US-based company who specialise in handsome and debonair time-pieces for one's wrist. (I should note that, although this post will focus on the selections for men-folk, there's an equally fantastic array of watches available from their site for the fairer sex). Whilst the traditionalist in me swooned at the sophisticated designs on display, I was equally taken aback at the manner in which the sleek and slick watches managed to blend contemporary minimalism into a number of their designs. Colour me impressed!

   My positive feelings towards the brand grew exponentially upon receiving one of their Fieldcrest designs (in dark sandalwood) - the suave packaging (a branded wooden box) was simply divine; even more magnificent was the watch found inside. To say I was positively giddy when removing the item would not be hyperbole - this is a simply exquisite adornment.

   The Fieldcrest watch features a clasping measurement to secure the watch to your wrist - a subtle, efficacious mechanism which highlights the quality of the wooden-strapped time-piece. As the brand ask for wrist measurements during the order process, the watch fastens with a perfect fit to correlate with this - its as comfortable as it is dashing. If you're looking for an item to really add pizzazz and sophistication to your wardrobe, I can't recommend browsing JORD's men's watches highly enough!

   The best thing about JORD (other than their admirable education to style), however, may well be the price of their watches - as you've skimmed over the post I'm quite sure a number of you will have been mentally speculating just how much this Fieldcrest watch would set you back.

   You'll be stunned (and pleased!) to learn that this handsome fella retails at just $139 (which is approximately £112 at the time of writing. I'm not sure to what degree President Trump will effect the economy overseas or if our government's sudden realisation that a hard Brexit will fiscally cripple us will alter the exchange rates at all in the coming months).

   Even more pleasingly, is the fact that shipping to the UK takes just 7-12 days AND, dear reader, I'm happy to share with you a limited-time discount code worth up to $25 on your order! If you're planning to treat yourself or your partner to a post-Christmas gift (or even the best Valentine's Day present they'll ever receive), you have until January 15th to click on the link below to be emailed your money off voucher:

    $25 off JORD watches discount code

   The codes expires on February 28th - hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as I did!

* This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches


  1. Nice! Will have a look at some of these after Christmas!

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  2. This is a very handsome watch indeed, I'm sure my husband would love one like it! I'm going to go peek at the ladies ones now! xx

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